Retreat – Anthony

July 1, 2014

We have traveled to Camp Letts for University of Baltimore student leadership retreats for the last two years. Our Spring Forward retreat, held at the end of May, is an opportunity for students to meet, form bonds, learn about leadership, and think about their leadership role at UB in the coming academic year. Camp Letts is the ideal retreat location for us, as it’s located in an idyllic and serene setting. It’s hard to believe it’s only an hour from our campus in Midtown Baltimore! Camp Letts has everything we need for a productive and successful retreat: team building and recreational activities, and plenty of meeting space. But what makes Camp Letts special is the people who work there. Camp Letts’ dedicated staff, including Retreat Center Coordinator Gail Rivera and Program Director Ricky Langton, are top notch. They are easy to work with and responsive to our needs. Gail works with us every step of the way to ensure we have planned appropriately for our retreat, and have all of the resources we might need. Ricky and the team initiatives staff are outstanding facilitators. The staff ensure that all of the team building activities are safe, challenging, and engaging. They take time to reflect with our students and process what they’ve learned, which is important for our work with college students. As a planner, I’m grateful to the staff of Camp Letts for their dedication and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Camp Letts to any of my colleagues!