February 13, 2014

Lynn began riding with us when she was 10 years old.  When Lynn came, she had never ridden and was in heavy therapy along with medication for witnessing the death of her father.  The doctor and her mother had been trying unsuccessfully to find something that
would help Lynn. Lynn had always liked books about horses so her mother called and scheduled a month of riding lessons for Lynn to see how she would do.  Although Lynn was shy and a bit intimidated at first, she is now walking and trotting as well as jumping small jumps. She is thriving with the other children and attends all the barn sleepovers, camp shows and anything else we offer.  Her mother has stated that they have begun to wean Lynn off of her medications as she is doing so much better in her therapy. Her doctor states that Lynn relates her feelings through the horses she works with and that is enabling her to deal with life.  Lynn has now been riding at Camp Letts Equestrian Center for 2 years and her mother states there is nowhere else that Lynn would rather be!