Alumni – Michael

October 27, 2015

I remember one year our camp director’s name was Mr. Burger and my first cabin was up the hill near the first aid building. I learned about Camp Letts from attending the old YMCA at 17th & Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC where I was a member since I was 5 yrs old. Camp Letts was like graduating to YMCA heaven. I was so excited and happy once I entered the road to the camp that I would talk my parents’ ears off. I knew where everything was and as soon as I received my checklist for camp in the fall, I would go find my foot locker and start packing in December for the summer. So many great experiences and So many Great friends I made; the counselors were the coolest, nicest guys around, every one of them. I truly Loved those old cabins where we put all our foot lockers in a huge rectangular square in the middle of the cabin. I always loved sleeping on the lower bunk because of the nice cool breeze at night from the water nearby. And I always strived for the green or purple tag on our first trip to the pool so I could go off the diving board and have free reign at the boathouse. I believe we had at least 8 different shortcuts thru the woods to the pool. Every second I was at Camp Letts was fun Fun and MORE FUN. I had so much fun that I forgot that we had to report to the dining hall for meals. I participated in every activity the camp offered every year. Being near the water with the fresh air & forest, I can still hear the birds chirping and the leaves as the breeze flowed thru the forest and the smell of nature. The trading post was great and the last night campfires, skits, and of course the songs. By far the best camp I ever attended ever and even better than all the basketball & football camps I attended later in junior high. I can still vividly remember all the wonderful experiences I had there. My daughter actually attended a leadership camp there when she attended Bates Middle School in Annapolis and is now a Sophmore majoring in Math, Physics, & Music in College and doing fantastic. Camp Letts is a great place for anyone of any age to learn, experience and truly enjoy. Thank you So Much Camp Letts and GOD BLESS everyone involved in continuing the fine tradition and excellence this camp truly embodies.