Alumni – Max

July 2, 2015

I first came to Camp Letts when I was a little boy. I started out in one of the youngest cabins, around 2006ish. After my first year as a camper, I knew what I wanted to do every summer… go back to Camp Letts. I never missed a summer after my first year. I went back every year and had a blast every single time. The counselors were caring and engaging with the campers. They really cared about us (the campers) and wanted all of us to have a fun summer. I met many people (both campers and counselors) that I still keep in touch with. The thing about camp is that people build bonds with each other that last a lifetime. My final year as a camper was probably the most memorable summer ever. I was in Commodore 43 or 44. There were only 3 Commodore cabins in that session while every other crew had 3 or more cabins filled up to the brim. Well long story short, we dominated and won the Crew Cup (it’s like the tri-wizard tournament in Harry Potter). Despite that being my last year as a camper, I wanted to come back. The summer of 2014, I was a C.I.T. Then I decided that I would apply to be a counselor. I applied and got hired as a part of the staff team of 2015. When I first went to camp, I had no clue that [roughly] 10 years later I would be a counselor and carry on the torch of the counselors before me. We’ve already been through 2 sessions this summer, and being a counselor has been much more fun than I imagined it would be. I had a dream 10 years ago that I would come back every summer; and I have. I hope to carry on the Camp Letts tradition for future generations to come. And I plan to continue working at Camp Letts every summer that I can.