Alumni – Jaimie

March 26, 2014

When you come to Camp Letts, there aren’t just memories that you have, but you develop customs and a unique bond with Camp itself. There is that place that you love to sit during fiesta where the sun warms your back just right after a long day of activities, where you spend time just laughing with friends, or the pale skin that surrounds your wrists and ankles due to the lack of sun from so many friendship bracelets. And we all have that one counselor whom we admire and respect. Camp becomes your first home because it does take a village, but more than that. Having the huge group of people whose biggest ambition is to make campers have the best time is truly special. My favorite memory of camp is one time I was carrying a huge jug of water up to the Paintball course and was told I shouldn’t ’cause I am a girl, one of my favorite counselors said “I wouldn’t underestimate her.” Every day I carried that huge cooler up the hill just off of principle. Another time I had a counselor steal my sketch book, just to give it back and say “No matter what anyone says, keep drawing.” Now I am going to pursue arts in college. You won’t have just fond memories, you will have a collection of priceless moments that will change your life. I love Camp Letts!!