Alumni – Adam

June 24, 2015

Where can I start with my experience at Camp Letts all summer 2000. Before I went I was a nervous wreck. I was 18 and had never left home for more than a few days in my entire life. Within hours of arriving my nerves disappeared. I had one of the greatest experiences of my life and everyday I miss the people I shared it with. John & Rowland (Edinburgh), Vicki (Peterhead), Craig & Andrew (Preston), Ryan, Andy, Peter, Chris & Lisa (Glasgow), Sunan (Thailand), John Dandois (USA), Amy (Chipping Norton), Mike (Delaware USA), Angela (Edinburgh) Tyler (Florida USA) Conner Conan (USA) and every other counsellor and camper I spent the summer with. I went a scared teenager and came back a confident young adult. If anyone who was there that summer reads this then please email me.