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Alumni – Marije

Alumni – Marije I worked as a swimming and drama counselor back in 1993, I think, staying in a cabin with Andrea Cashman. I worked with Susan Woytowitch from Delaware (a sailing instructor), Seonaid Raot (UK) and Simon Williams (kitchenhelp from the UK). Had a wonderful, hard-work summer, as did my sister Lisette van den

Alumni – Jim

Alumni – Jim Going thru my parents belongings I came upon old letters I had written from camp. They were so funny now. Every letter all I did was complain and telling them how I hated it and WANTED them to come and take me home. I don’t know why (adopted only child!) but I

Alumni – John

Alumni – John The very best days of my life (and I’ve been blessed with many) were spent at Camp Letts. I thanked my mother many times for the sacrifice she made to send me, but could never do so (even in my 50s) without choking up just a little – the camp experience was

Alumni – Nina

Alumni – Nina There are too many memories to even begin to say. I waited all year to spend 2 weeks at Camp Letts as a kid, and still miss those days. I made amazing friends and had the best counselors. One summer I got hand-foot-mouth disease at camp and having to leave early was