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Alumni – Marije

Alumni – Marije I worked as a swimming and drama counselor back in 1993, I think, staying in a cabin with Andrea Cashman. I worked with Susan Woytowitch from Delaware (a sailing instructor), Seonaid Raot (UK) and Simon Williams (kitchenhelp from the UK). Had a wonderful, hard-work summer, as did my sister Lisette van den

Alumni – Jim

Alumni – Jim Going thru my parents belongings I came upon old letters I had written from camp. They were so funny now. Every letter all I did was complain and telling them how I hated it and WANTED them to come and take me home. I don’t know why (adopted only child!) but I

Alumni – John

Alumni – John The very best days of my life (and I’ve been blessed with many) were spent at Camp Letts. I thanked my mother many times for the sacrifice she made to send me, but could never do so (even in my 50s) without choking up just a little – the camp experience was

Alumni – Nina

Alumni – Nina There are too many memories to even begin to say. I waited all year to spend 2 weeks at Camp Letts as a kid, and still miss those days. I made amazing friends and had the best counselors. One summer I got hand-foot-mouth disease at camp and having to leave early was

Alumni – Erik

Alumni – Erik I am so glad Camp Letts is still operating, so may fond memories! It made me a life-long camper and likely caused me to put a fire pit on my deck – I so remember the campfires (and jellyfish in the river!). Erik Rasmussen 1959-1968, Mercer Island, WA Oct. 6, 2014

Alumni – Nanci

Alumni – Nanci I loved going to Camp Letts every summer. I would usually go during the 3rd and 4th session. Learned my love of horseback riding from there, became a horsemaster and tried waterskiing. One year, I was lucky enough to go all summer long. Lots of happy memories from there, I also cried

Alumni – Elena

Alumni – Elena I’ve been going here for so long. Every year I have made great friends, but last year I made a best friend, Elise, we still keep in touch. We are actually texting right now. We met in the dining hall at the talent show. I want to thank Camp Letts for giving

Alumni – Bob

Alumni – Bob In January 1941 from 7-10 years old, I was in St. John’s Orphanage in Wash. DC located four blocks from the White House. That summer, the kids all went to a summer house located near Ft Myers, VA. WWII started in Dec. 1941 and that house was taken over by the Army

Alumni – Quincy

Alumni – Quincy Camp Letts was such a fun time in my life. The intense basketball games against the kitchen staff, the luau parties with the staff, the green turtle and just the mingling of various nationalities. Now being a father who remembers the fun there as a staff member, I look forward to sending

Alumni – Allison

Alumni – Allison LOVED CAMP LETTS!!!!!!!! So many great memories! I cried the first time my Mom dropped me off when I was 11, but cried every year she picked me after two weeks because I didn’t want to leave. The girls I met I remained friends with for many years following. We would correspond