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Alumni – Quincy

Alumni – Quincy Camp Letts was such a fun time in my life. The intense basketball games against the kitchen staff, the luau parties with the staff, the green turtle and just the mingling of various nationalities. Now being a father who remembers the fun there as a staff member, I look forward to sending

Alumni – Allison

Alumni – Allison LOVED CAMP LETTS!!!!!!!! So many great memories! I cried the first time my Mom dropped me off when I was 11, but cried every year she picked me after two weeks because I didn’t want to leave. The girls I met I remained friends with for many years following. We would correspond

Alumni – Jurgen

Alumni – Jurgen Well I was a counselor way back in 2002, I had just turned 18 and on my first trip away from home alone. Since realizing on the bus from New York to Annapolis that two others were heading to the same place, I’ve never had a summer quite like it since. Living

Alumni – Naje

Alumni – Naje Man, this place is magic. Meeting people from all over the world and making great friends. This place holds so many memories for me. You have camp fires, s’mores, fiesta, the loud meal times. You are so beat by the end of the day, but you can’t wait to wake up just

Alumni – Trisha

Alumni – Trisha Camp Letts offered me many different experiences to try: high ropes courses, sailing, canoeing lessons, banana boat rides, volleyball, soccer, swimming… By allowing us to pick what we wanted to try and switch after one week to try more, it gave us the most diverse experience of any camp I attended as

Alumni – Beth

Alumni – Beth I attended Camp Letts two consecutive summers while I was in high school in Springfield, VA. I loved the equestrian program. Great place. Beth Parsons 1983-1984, Pensacola, FL Jun. 1, 2015

Alumni – Georgina

Alumni – Georgina Growing up in Ohio, I had always gone to summer camps. When I got the opportunity to teach sailing at Camp Letts in 2005, I jumped at the chance! It was THE BEST SUMMER EVER! I have far too many great memories to share just one. Everything about the experience is memorable:

Alumni – Adam

Alumni – Adam Where can I start with my experience at Camp Letts all summer 2000. Before I went I was a nervous wreck. I was 18 and had never left home for more than a few days in my entire life. Within hours of arriving my nerves disappeared. I had one of the greatest

Alumni – Rachel

Alumni – Rachel Possibly the only Arizonan (other than my sisters) ever at Camp Letts. Mr. Butcher (Ambery) singing Grey squirrel, ski masters, sailing, flagpole (all present and accounted for), Reveille and taps, all the girls in love with Jeff Butcher. Highlight of my summers. Now my son goes there and also loves it. Rachel

Alumni – Max

Alumni – Max I first came to Camp Letts when I was a little boy. I started out in one of the youngest cabins, around 2006ish. After my first year as a camper, I knew what I wanted to do every summer… go back to Camp Letts. I never missed a summer after my first