Group Reservation FAQs

Do you have questions about planning your retreat?

Don’t worry we’re here to help.We hope these frequently asked questions will help answer some questions of your own. Planning a retreat can be difficult, especially if this is your first time at Camp Letts. Below is a list of common questions received regarding group reservations and events.

What is the booking procedure for a group reservation at Camp Letts?

A signed contract and non-refundable deposit are required to confirm all reservations. Camp Letts will hold lodges and meeting spaces for no more than 14 days without a signed contract and deposit. Activities are subject to availability and are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. Any special requests must be in writing and come from the group leader. Please note that the contract specifies lodging and meals only; activities are not listed on your contract.

How much is the required deposit?

The required deposit is 10% of the amount due based on the guaranteed minimum guest count listed on the event contract. Reservations are not guaranteed without a signed contract AND deposit. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

What is the guaranteed minimum guest count?

The guaranteed minimum guest count is the minimum number of guests that the group is required to pay for. Any changes in the guaranteed minimum must be made in writing.

When is the final guaranteed minimum guest count due?

Changes in the guaranteed minimum guest count can be made up to 4 weeks prior to a group’s arrival. After that date, the group is required to pay for no fewer guests than the guaranteed minimum. The group’s final head count is due 1 week prior to the event.

What is Camp Letts’ cancellation policy?

After the contract has been signed by both parties, the group is responsible for full payment for cancellations occurring within 8 weeks prior to reservation arrival date. All notifications of cancellations are required in writing. Once on site, if the group chooses to leave YMCA Camp Letts prior to the agreed upon departure time and date, no refund will be given and the payment of the full contract and all activity fees are due.

Are pets allowed at Camp Letts?

Pets may NOT be brought to, or housed on, camp grounds or in camp facilities. Service animals are exempt from this restriction.

Is a meeting space included with my reservation?

One meeting space is included with any overnight-with-meals reservation for 40 guests or more. Groups smaller than 40 guests or groups not having meals with Camp Letts must rent a meeting space.

Are Camp Letts activities weather dependent?

Yes, many of Camp Letts’ activities are weather dependent. Closing program areas will be at the discretion of the Camp Letts staff. In case of inclement weather, other programs may or may not be substituted depending on availability. The group leader will be informed when and if the activities can be resumed.

What should guests bring to Camp?

All beds are bunk style. Guests will need to bring a sleeping bag or twin size sheets and blanket, a pillow, towels and toiletries. We recommend guests bring clothes appropriate to the season. Guests will need closed toe and heel shoes for zip line, high ropes, and the team development courses. Long pants and long sleeves are recommended for paintball. You can also find more info on our suggested packing list by clicking here.

Do cabins have heating or air conditioning?

All Camp Letts facilities are heated. Cabins do NOT have air conditioning. The only facilities with air conditioning are the Dining Hall, Fisher Hall and Boathouse.

Does Camp Letts have WiFi?

No, Camp Letts does not have public WiFi.

Do I need to obtain a Certificate of Insurance for my event?

Yes, every group must provide a Certificate of Insurance protecting YMCA Camp Letts from any and all liability arising from use of the facility for the amount of $1,000,000 per incident. This must be provided at least two weeks before your group’s arrival to camp. If alcohol is being served, YMCA Camp Letts must be listed as additionally insured on the Certificate of Liability.

Is alcohol allowed at Camp Letts?

The possession or use of alcohol by any group is prohibited unless the group has secured a liquor license from Anne Arundel County. The liquor license must be submitted to Camp Letts prior to the event so it can be posted during the event. The group may only consume their beverages in their designated area. The possession or use of illegal drugs by any group or group member is strictly prohibited at YMCA Camp Letts. Violators will be reported to local authorities.

To download a copy of our Frequently Asked Questions please click here.