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Contributions donated to Camp Letts have helped transformed the lives of children in our community. Without these generous contributions we would not be able to provide campers with this experience, thank you!

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Steven Justis Scholarship Fund

Anna McPhatter

Perfect Sense

Sue Bartley
T. Rowe Associates, Inc.

Mareen D. Hughes

Gale L. Erbe

The Grazzini Family

Arthur Birney, Jr.

The Brick Companies

Crofton Woods Elementary School

North Chevy Chase Elementary School

Gigi’s Playhouse

South County Pre-Kindergarten Co-op

University Park Elementary School


James Politis

Kathryn R. Speakman

The Mattos Family

Brian Madden

Helaine Mario

Suzanne M. Levin

Meagan Downey

Devon Cook

Marcia F. Sun

Julie Penny

Amy Henderson

Angel Paugh

Kerri Lacharite

Michael P. Bagrosky

Maddy Frser

Patrice Carter

James Lees

Isabella M. Siedlecki

David Lambie

Megan Bowler

Linda J. Blake

Debra L.C. Liverpool

Jennifer C. Hepler

Heidi S. Mansen

Carson E. Henry

Alexis D. Casby

Rachel Wolfe

Jeff S. Saxe

Mr. Timothy J. White

Susan L. Northcutt


Jake Devine

Emily McLaren

Glen Kelly

Matthew Dickie

Rich Panzer

Luke Harris

Janice M. Williams

Helen Lew

Lauren H. Maddox

Sandra K. Fuller

Edna R. Fleming

Cheryl A. Bingham

Courtney E. Danna

Ariann Garner

Darlene Haught

James Ahearn

Adam Murray

Cecelia M. Gilliam

Keith H. Smith

Roderic Woodson

Frederika J. Prevost

Shelley K. Ross

Brian J. Stephenson

James J. Lee

Jacqueline Perrins