Our impact is only possible through the support of passionate and civic-minded leaders.

The Board at YMCA Camp Letts is comprised of skilled and resourceful individuals who are devoted to improving our camp and preserving it for generations to come. Thanks to their fundraising, guidance, connections and advocacy, we continue to be a catalyst for growth even after 110 years.

Our YMCA Camp Letts Board



As a long time Family Camper, Chris and his family have been attending YMCA Camp Letts for 10 years and his son has also recently become a counselor at YMCA Camp Letts. Chris had the opportunity to spend two days at camp over the summer and witnessed how fully alive the campers felt and the full love immersion campers feel when at camp. To be able to give back, have a mental and physical place to stay connected to, and the opportunity for a respite are just a few reasons Chris serves on our Board.


Lisa’s first connection to YMCA Camp Letts was through initially entrusting her 7 year old daughter, Dallas, to Camp for her first sleepaway camp experience in 2003. Dallas has since returned every year and Lisa’s own appreciation for Camp Letts has grown exponentially. She has watched the positive impact the experiences have had on her own child and believes there is no greater impetus or call to action than to follow her daughter’s lead in caring for others. YMCA Camp Letts reminds Lisa that EVERY child deserves to be happy in a safe environment. Lisa believes she can make a difference by advocating for children and asking donors to support our efforts through annual giving and charitable contributions. BY serving on the Board Lisa wants to have a personal impact on a child’s growth and development as he travels the road to success. She also believes that every child desirous of a Camp Letts experience deserves it despite the ability to pay.


David knows how important it is for children to have a happy and healthy childhood.  He believes that these are the most important years for personal development and Camp Letts provides a wonderful environment for children of all ages to experience nature, share some new experiences and make new friends. David found out about Camp Letts when he came to the Camp as a parent volunteer to help his son’s 4th grade science class learn about growing oysters off the Camp Letts dock in the Rhode River. It was a great opportunity for his son to learn science by doing something “hands on” rather than just reading about it in a book. That’s when David decided to find out more about Camp Letts and how he could be a part of fulfilling the Camp’s mission of “nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility.” Since David thought he was a little too old to be a camp counselor he decided to contribute to the camp by being on their Board. He has a lifetime of experience from which to draw, has been the primary care provider for his two sons, and has worked in both the government and the private sector. David is currently a Financial Advisor for AspireWealth Planners where he helps people protect and grow their assets. Through the people he knows, David is spreading the good word about Camp Letts and helping the Camp reach their fundraising goals. David does all of this because it will enable the Camp to thrive and prosper and continue being a positive influence on their campers for generations to come. He believes that these kids will one day be influencing the world and wants to make sure they get off to a good start!


As a lifelong Family Camper, Marcie joined the Board in 2003 since Camp Letts was always a part of her life. Her parents brought her to Family Camp when she was very young and volunteering throughout the years at Camp Letts makes her feel like she can give back to the place that has given so much to her. Marcie’s mom always says that when you drive in through the gates, the whole world seems to lift off your shoulders and Marcie full-heartedly agrees. Being at Camp Letts reminds her of the best things in life:  kind and caring people, building relationships with your family and community and all while being around beautiful scenery.


Peter has been a family camper at Camp Letts for the past 15 years. Memorial Day Family Camp gave his family an opportunity to have an affordable vacation destination of the best kind. Camp Letts presents unique experience because Peter was able to invite his extended family and friends to join too. All four of Peter’s children have also enjoyed their own summer camp experiences at Camp Letts. His daughter Barbara loved camp so much that she is now a year round Camp Letts staff member. He believes that the benefits of Camp Letts to his family as a whole and each individually have been immeasurable. Peter serves on the Camp Letts Board to ensure the survival of camp as a viable non-profit. He thinks that with today’s increased technology, the need for kids to have tech-free outdoor camps is more important than ever before.


Toby is a high school special education teacher in Fairfax, Virginia and is a former YMCA camp director and university development officer. He has been a life-long YMCA camper and Letts family camper since 2012. Camp Letts has impacted Toby as it has given him opportunities to strengthen his relationship with his teenage son. Toby serves on the Camp Letts Board as he is committed to youth development and strongly believes in promoting the overall mission of the YMCA.


Maryetta is the mother to two current campers, but her family has been involved at YMCA Camp Letts for about 40 years – her husband was a camper, CIT, staffer, and counselor. While living in California, Maryetta often heard her husband share his stories about Camp Letts. Maryetta thinks camp brings out the absolute best in children.  When her own kids return to camp each summer, Maryetta watches them shed the facade of a kid who is shy or awkward or lacks courage or confidence to face certain challenges.  She sees them become the person who chants the loudest in the dining hall, who will absolutely triumph in pirates on the waterfront, who always believes she will ring the bell on the leap of faith, who can fly when he speeds down the zip line.  Maryetta loves that Camp Letts brings together kids from all different backgrounds with all different life experiences and empowers them to be an exclamation point version of themselves – individually and also together. 


As a former camper, staff, Crew Skipper, Pool Director and now Board Member, it seems that YMCA Camp Letts always calls Jim back. YMCA Camp Letts helped shape Jim’s outlook when it came to working with kids and he was able to learn different group activities and leadership through camp. Jim serves as a Board Member because he wants to be a true friend of Camp Letts.


Peter became connected to YMCA Camp Letts through friends that have previously attended, served as counselors, and/or served on the Board. They have all spoken highly of their experiences which encouraged Peter to get involved. Being a Board Member has introduced Peter to a new network of friend that are growing into a local expanded family. He serves on the Board because throughout his life Peter has mentored young and old and he appreciates the opportunity to support an outstanding camp that mentors young through character building, life changes and inspirational experiences in an incredible environment. Peter’s own camp experiences gave him the same opportunities and unforgettable memories, through serving on the Board at YMCA Camp Letts he can be a part of giving the same impact to the next waves of youth.


Susan lives in a neighborhood near YMCA Camp Letts and when a call went out a couple years ago for donations to sponsor children for camp she became involved with the camp. She is a strong advocate for vulnerable populations, as was her daughter Ashley. When Ashley tragically died in a car accident, Susan was looking for ways to keep Ashley’s legacy alive. For two years, the Friends of Ashley, a group of over 20, has raised funds to send children to YMCA Camp Letts. This group of friends cares about providing positive life experiences to children that otherwise would not have been able to attend camp. Once the Friends of Ashley sponsor a child, they commit for multiple years so that the child knows they can always count on having an amazing camp experience each summer. YMCA Camp Letts has help bring joy back into Susan’s life as she continues to find ways to do the work that she values. As a lifelong person of service, being a Board Member has been a perfect match for her interests, skill sets, and passions. Susan serves as a Board Member to increase the impact of the Friends of Ashley and to help build relationship with individuals and business members of the Annapolis/Edgewater community.