Why Choose Camp Letts?

Because no child ever leaves here the same.

Like the blazing hues of a summer sunset, childhood slips away in the blink of an eye. You’re likely already dreaming of what you want to be when you grow up. At YMCA Camp Letts, we believe that each summer opens a new window of possibility.

When the paved driveway turns to gravel, you’ll know that you’ve entered a world all your own. You may feel a little nervous when your parents drop you off, but we guarantee you’ll never want to leave. You will sail, soar or saunter your way to each and every adventure. You’ll meet the best friends of your life in the most unexpected places. You get to unplug from the agonies of adolescence to spend your days on our woodsy waterfront. You’ll meet our caring counselors from over 20 countries, learning wacky games, customs and accents. You can wear your camp spirit proudly in the Dining Hall as you compete with your cabinmates for the coveted Crew Cup. Every visit and camper’s experience is different.

Our staff love what they do – and it shows. That’s why they designed every moment of the day to help campers build independence, self-esteem, social skills, physical health and an awareness of their gifts to the world.

As stated by an aptly titled article in the Washington Post in 2006, “Eventually You’ll Leave Camp Letts, But Camp Letts will Never Leave You.