Welcome to Camp Letts!

As adults, we tend to view children’s lives as happy and carefree. After all, they don’t have jobs to keep or bills to pay. In truth, it’s tough to be a kid in our time.

Just as you are time-strapped with mounting expectations, your child is facing the same pressures from family, peers, coaches, teachers, mentors and more. Most kids are too busy to play creatively or relax after school, essential activities for self-discovery and stress-relief. Childhood is over all too quickly these days. At YMCA Camp Letts, we can promise you and your child one thing: a chance to explore the world through a different lens.

The moment you step foot on our gem off the Chesapeake Bay, kids and parents alike feel a surge of childhood memories, wonder and adventure. History abounds all around our 110-year old camp, from the 18th century homes and brick-lined streets of Annapolis to the rich traditions that make our camp a summer home. Our trained staff from around the globe will help your child connect with nature, friends, and even a bit of international flair. We also offer medical care based on best practices. No two days are the same and your child can design their own experience from start to finish. With Camp Letts’ caring staff and unique activities, your son and/or daughter will discover self-purpose, self-esteem and self-reliance.

I realize that choosing a summer camp is a tremendous act of faith. Rest assured that your child will have a safe and fun summer with us at YMCA Camp Letts.

In Health & Happiness,

Angie Reese-Hawkins, President & CEO of the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington