Preserving Nature at its Finest

200 Southern MS Kids Plant 325 Trees at Camp Letts

Planting TreesIt was a familiar sight at Camp Letts: kids getting their hands dirty, connecting with nature, working together and trying something new. But at the end of this 3-day journey of planting trees and restoring our shoreline, the results were remarkable.

With the help of West/Rhode Riverkeeper and  Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center, we are proud and filled with gratitude to boast 325 new trees on our camp grounds.

“Camp Letts is undertaking the second phase of our Shoreline Restoration project that will include the installation of 8 new horse paddocks, reforestation of approximately 4.5 acres and reseeding the entire area.,” shares Andrew Mason, Executive Director of YMCA Camp Letts. “The project is designed to substantially reduce the sediment run off that we are currently experiencing. We have brought the Maryland Dept. of Agriculture, West/Rhode Riverkeeper, Chesapeake Bay Trust, AA County Soil Conservation District, County Schools and Arlington Echo together to combine our resources and make camp a better steward of the Chesapeake Bay.”

Did you know that one large tree can provide a supply of oxygen for two people? We are excited to give our community more clean air and continue to preserve nature.