Letts Catch Up: Overnight Camp Communication

Greetings from Camp Letts!

Memorial Day has now passed and our camp staff have already started arriving, that means summer is almost here!

In this week’s edition of Letts Catch Up I wanted to share some of our methods of communication you may encounter with us this summer. Remember, no new is always good news but we will do our best to communicate as much as possible because we’re here for you!

The best way to communicate to your camper while they are at Camp Letts this summer is through our one-way email communication. “One-way” means you can email but our campers cannot email back. There are two different methods to do this: 1) Email [email protected]. 2) Go to our website at http://www.campletts.org/camps/contact-your-camper.

Snail mail and care packages are also a great one-way communication tool. Send mail to:

Camper’s Name, Session
4003 Camp Letts Road
PO Box 208
Edgewater, MD 21037

All email communication and snail mail is delivered every day during lunch.

The memories are created and then we share them through our Flickr. We have a camp photographer that posts pictures throughout the week so you can see what is happening. We will do our best to make sure every camper is in at least one picture but we cannot guarantee this for every camper.

If you have a first time camper, you should expect a call from a Head Counselor during their first week at Camp. We will just give you a brief update and touch base to answer any questions you may have.

You may also receive a phone call from us for various other items such as emergencies, health-related concerns, severe homesickness, and/or if we have any questions or concerns. Again, remember, no news is good news.

S’more to come next week!