Letts Catch Up: Day Camp Packing List

Hello again from Camp Letts! 

This week in our edition of Letts Catch Up we will be sharing information about what to pack.
  • What to Pack: This is the one area we tend to get a lot of questions about since there’s always the concern about packing everything that is needed but not wanting to pack too much. We’ve put together a packing list to help with the basics.
    • New this year, all campers will be carrying their belongings throughout the day. This means all campers should come with a backpack for of their belongings. This is to help cut down on the lost and found items we collect each day.
    • All campers should bring a lunch every day. Lunches can be refrigerated so there is no need to carry that around all day.
    • Every day our campers have an afternoon snack time. You can pack a snack each day or choose to purchase snacks and drinks from the camp store. Most items available for snacks are $1, Gatorade is $2. Store money can be added during drop off or by calling camp ahead of time.
    • One of the greatest aspects of camp is getting to be yourself. This means we encourage campers to wear clothing that expresses what they care about, with this in mind, everything should also be appropriate for camp. Camp is a rustic environment, staying clean at camp is just not something to expect. Even as an adult, there are times I get mud, dust, rain, sand, or even cake on me. Packing a change of clothes is not a bad idea.
    • Camp is all about spirit, every week has a theme and every day is a spirit day.  Here is the calendar, it will be sent via email in our last minute reminders one week prior your camp session. This is intended to be a fun way to bring the theme to camp each week, it is not a requirement that campers participate in our spirit days.
    • If your camper is staying for the Thursday sleepover they will need to bring some additional items. These campers will be provided three meals (Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, and Friday lunch). All campers should pack a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes for Friday, pajamas, toiletries, and a flashlight.
Don’t forget to join us on June 10th from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm for our final Open House before camp begins. All of our summer camp staff will be there, we’ll have lots of camp activities like zip lining, canoeing, kayaking, archery, and more, we’ll even have s’mores for roasting. You can join us for a tour of camp and ask any questions you may have. Even if you have already joined us for an Open House this year, join us again!

S’more to come next week!