Letts Catch Up: Day Camp Group Assignments

Greetings again from Camp Letts!

In this edition of Letts Catch Up I’ll be talking about how we create our groups assignments for Day Camp.

Camp is about seeing old friends, making new memories, and creating new friends. Our groups are assigned by age in Day Camp. They are co-ed and generally between 10-15 campers that are all around the same age.

Our Day Camp is divided into two different Crews: Seals and Admirals. The Seals are our Junior campers that are typically between the ages of 6-9 years old. The Admirals are our Senior campers typically between the ages of 9-13 years old. Each Crew has multiple groups within the age divisions depending on the numbers each week.

The group assignments are used as a “home” group. This group will meet together for attendance purposes, eat meals together and do some of our specialized camp activities together. However, our Day Campers will choose their activities based on the age groups, either Junior or Senior activities. This means your camper may be with different campers during morning activity periods but the choice in activities is theirs.

If your camper has a group mate request, please provide the information no later than the Sunday prior to dropping off for camp. You can provide this request when completing your camper’s necessary information for camp or by emailing or calling camp. We will do our best to put your camper with all of his/her requests but please be aware that we can only guarantee one requested person. Group mate requests are for group assignments for these “home” groups but activity choices are dependent upon each camper. Campers may choose to do an activity based on what their friend would also like to do, it’s up to each individual to choose their activities.

S’more to come next week!