What Will You Give on Giving Tuesday?

The Penney Family spent their summers at YMCA Camp Letts.

Led proudly by their matriarch Leonie Penney, this family left a legacy with Camp Letts that allows families in financially trying times to return every year. We are privileged to share our summers with campers like the Penneys. Good values, healthy living, lifelong friendships and exploring the great outdoors are just a taste of what we have to offer. What our campers bring is even more valuable. Here is just a portion of the memories we have received:

“The very best days of my life (and I’ve been blessed with many) were spent at Camp Letts. I thanked my mother many times for the sacrifice she made to send me, but could never do so (even in my 50s) without choking up just a little – the camp experience was that important to me.” – former camper, Nina Heron

“When you come to Camp Letts, there aren’t just memories that you have, but you develop customs and a unique bond with Camp itself. There is that place that you love to sit during fiesta where the sun warms your back just right after a long day of activities, where you spend time just laughing with friends, or the pale skin that surrounds your wrists and ankles due to the lack of sun from so many friendship bracelets. And we all have that one counselor whom we admire and respect. Camp becomes your first home because it does take a village, but more than that… You won’t have just fond memories, you will have a collection of priceless moments that will change your life. I love Camp Letts!!” – former camper, Dawn Elliot

On December 2nd, Giving Tuesday, we hope you will remember the impact that YMCA Camp Letts had on your or your child’s life. Every year, we welcome thousands of kids to camp and many of those campers need your help getting here. The most important legacy you can leave is the one that outlives you. Donate Today!