Q&A with our Executive Director

To help you get to know us better, we sat down with our Executive Director, Andrew Mason, for a little Q&A!

  • What inspires you about camp? The personal growth that I see in our campers every week is what inspires me about Camp Letts. When I see kids try new things they may never have the chance to any place else, I know that I am doing my job. When I wear my Camp Letts shirts around town, I’m always greeted with a smile. People stop me all the time to share their personal experiences with camp and ask how things are!
  • Why is summer camp important? Camp is about providing a safe, nurturing environment for kids to have fun, meet lifelong friends and just be a kid! Overnight camp especially gives campers the chance to develop self confidence, social skills and new passions. At its basic level, it’s a group of kids from all socio-economic backgrounds that come together to have life changing experiences – it is up to us to make that happen.
  • Did you go to camp as a child? I attended Sailing and Scout camps as a child. I also had an amazing experience of tent camping through Europe at the age 8 with my family! My mother decided that it would be a great way to show her children “the world” by camping through 18 countries and 12,000 miles over the course of a summer. She packed up all five kids and off we went.
  • What did you learn? Camping as a child helped me develop a sense of adventure because you never know what might be next on the horizon. It also developed my team building, problem solving, decision making, and relationship building skills because I was forced to use them every day. It was an opportunity to make my own choices, and it helped shape the right ones for my future.
  • How is it your summer camp experience still with you today? I believe that everything you learn as a child makes you who you are today. Camping helped me become a caring, well-grounded person that always thinks of others so that they become successful in their quests for learning and life.