Camp Is Quiet

It’s November and Camp is quiet. Not the silence of winter that is unavoidable and will come in due course, just much quieter than we’re used to around here.

Fall at Letts 2It’s easy to forget that, just a few weeks ago, Camp was loud! Really loud! Chants from the Mariner girls were echoed by the younger Bos’n cabins. That, in turn, spurred on the Quartermaster boys, and they were not to be ignored! This caused the Plebe cabins, Camp Letts’ youngest male campers, to join forces in an effort to out-sing the girls!

The oldest crews were always more shrewd. Allowing the younger campers time to peak meant they could take the lead and become the conductors of the mealtime jukebox that is the Camp Letts Dining Hall. The Commodores (oldest boys) were always willing to let the camp world know of their origins: “We all live in a Cabin in the Woods, A Cabin in the Woods, A Cabin in the Woods”! Sung to the tune of The Beatles classic Yellow Submarine, this would lead to the Ensign ladies (Camp’s oldest girl crew) unleashing their own patented mix of fast-paced lyrical genius! The Ensigns have a few staple songs, but are always willing to adopt the most recent “Justin-Direction” chart-topping hit to further the cause of proclaiming their crew as far superior to all others. Their creativity has a sincere effect on the rest of Camp. The borrowed melody with new, Camp-focused lyrics would become too infectious to deny and, what was once a competition for space in the sound waves of Camp, suddenly becomes a crescendo, a unified chorus, an anthem that is inescapable of that time and place. And it is LOUD!

Fall at LettsThe period comes to an end, another activity begins and that moment is set aside. Not forgotten or abandoned, just placed in storage… easy to reach and ready to be recalled the next time we meet.

And that’s where the noise has gone. It’s never far away and always part of the fabric of a Camp Letts memory, but it will not be fully unpacked until June 2015. It may not have the same words, it may not be sung by the same voices, it probably won’t have the same melody and it certainly will take some people by surprise. But it will be fun. It will be Camp. And it will be Loud!

Trev Dalton
Summer Camp Director