A Letter to Session 3 Parents

Dear Session 3 Parents:

On July 9, 2014, YMCA staff detected that the pool pump was malfunctioning and chlorine was being released into the pool. The staff took immediate action by evacuating all the children in and near the area, and getting them into showers. Although this was not a life-threatening incident, staff took additional precautionary measures by contacting emergency personnel to transport 30 children to area hospitals for examination and treatment of minor to moderate respiratory problems. Five YMCA camp counselors were also transported to nearby hospitals for observation.

YMCA staff began contacting the parents of the affected shortly after, as well as those not impacted by the chlorine leak, to inform them of the incident and action taken. By the next morning, all the counselors and 28 children safely returned from the hospital, with two requiring closer observation.

As with every incident at our YMCAs, we immediately began to conduct an internal investigation and work with County and State Compliance Agencies to further investigate policies, practices and the functionality of our equipment. The goal is to prevent any future incidents and continue to offer the safest environment possible. We have since received many accolades from parents and compliance experts about our staff’s expeditious notice and action, which is in large part due to our extensive training program. On our Facebook page, a Camp Letts parent shared “My daughter was in the pool when this happened. Thank you to the camp staff who acted quickly and got the children out of the pool! Could have been much worse.

These supplemental steps are being taken to address the incident and prevent it from happening again:

  1. YMCA Camp Letts’ policies, practices and training program in their entirety were re-inspected by County and State Compliance Agencies.
  2. Anne Arundel County Department of Health inspected Camp Letts’ pool. It passed inspection and approval was given to reopen the pool and resume operations.
  3. YMCA Camp Letts was inspected by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and was given high accolades for our guidelines and regulations.
  4. All policies, protocols, procedures and best practices related to life safety and aquatic safety are being revisited and reevaluated by all camp staff.
  5. As requested, a stronger communication strategy will be developed to upgrade the efficiency and response time in contacting parents.

Our reputation is built on our ability to provide high-quality service and programs in a safe environment. You can read more about our safety protocol here. We remain committed to providing a safe and memorable experience for our campers and wanted to make you aware of steps we are taking to guard against this and any harmful incidents at Camp Letts. We look forward to serving your family for many years to come.


Andrew Mason
Executive Director
YMCA Camp Letts