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Hello again from Camp Letts!

  • What to Pack: This is the one area we tend to get a lot of questions about since there’s always the concern about packing everything that is needed but not wanting to pack too much. We’ve put together a packing list to help with the basics, it can be found here Packing List (campletts.org)
    • What should you pack everything in to get it to camp? A great question, whatever you choose to pack everything in should be something that can be easily lived out of for the time your camper is here. We do not have the space to unpack everything so the trunk, suitcase, duffel or whatever else you choose should have the space to live out of but also be able to fit under the bunks. Typical bunks have about 18”-24” of clearance under the beds.
    • Bedding can be a bit weather dependent. That being said, a lot of people prefer sheets versus a sleeping bag. Our beds are all twin sized and a fitted sheet, top/flat sheet, and pillow work great. An extra blanket or two are also suggested since some evenings can get chilly, especially earlier in the summer.
    • No air-conditioning in our cabins means they do tend to get a bit hot during the summer, especially in the later weeks. All of our cabins have electricity but there are not enough outlets for every camper to bring their own fans. Typically, this means the biggest and best fans are used for the whole cabin. Battery operated fans are great to pack just in case, remember extra batteries though.
    • One of the greatest aspects of camp is getting to be yourself. This means we encourage campers to wear clothing that expresses what they care about, with this in mind, everything should also be appropriate for camp. Camp is a rustic environment, staying clean at camp is just not something to expect. Even as an adult, there are times I get mud, dust, rain, sand, or even cake on me. Packing a laundry bag is a great idea to keep these dirty clothes separated from the clean clothes throughout the time at camp.
    • Camp does not have the capability to do laundry for campers, so please pack enough clothing to last the full week.
    • Our camp store has plenty of snacks, drinks, and camp items and apparel. Most campers will have $10-$20 for each week but this is not necessary, it’s totally up to you if you put money into your camper’s account and how much. You can always add money on check in day so you can see what we have available and how much you think is appropriate for your camper. Some campers also choose to pack snacks, if this is the case, please provide proper means of storage. Please remember, due to allergies, Camp Letts is a nut free environment.
  • Camp is about seeing old friends, making new memories, and creating new friends. Our cabins are assigned by gender and then age. If your camper has a cabin mate request, please provide the information no later than the Thursday prior to your camper’s start date. You can provide this request when completing your camper’s necessary information for camp or by emailing [email protected] or calling camp 410-919-1400. We will do our best to put your camper with all of his/her requests but please be aware that we can only guarantee one requested person.
  • Keeping your campers safe but also clean. All of our cabins have showers and toilets in the cabin. This means getting ready for bed time and waking up can be easily monitored by our counselors. The counselors will encourage showering, brushing teeth, and changing into clean clothes as necessary.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions!

Melk – Camp Director