2022: Overnight Camp Staff and Health Care

Greetings from Camp Letts!

To keep the information flowing your way, I want to share some pieces about our staff and health care this week:

  • About our Staff:
    • All of our staff go through two weeks of intense training covering all sorts of topics including camper health & safety, behavior management, child abuse prevention, CPR & First Aid, risk management, and program area certifications.
    • We have a very diverse group of staff each year, this summer our staff is coming from all over the world including countries like Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, England, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, and more! Of course we also have our American staff that come from different areas and backgrounds but most will be joining us from Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.
    • All of our staff are at least 18 years old.
    • We also have a registered nurse on site and two welly’s that are certified to administer medications.
    • Typically we will have between 8-10 campers with two counselors assigned to a cabin.
  • Health Care:
    • Our registered nurse and welly’s are a part of the Health Center but your camper’s care is the priority of all our staff. We take great pride in caring for our campers like you would at home. If your camper takes a visit to the Health Center a member of our team will give you a call to inform you of the situation.
    • Emergency medications like inhalers and epi-pens are kept on the camp staff at all times. These medications will follow your camper around throughout the day from activity to activity being passed from counselor to counselor. Counselors will hand these medications to you at the end of the week.
    • Prescriptions and over the counter medications all require a medication administration authorization form. This must be signed by a doctor. All medications should be in the original container, be accompanied by the written orders (medication administration authorization form), and include the camper’s name, dosage, and time to be administered. These medications will need to be picked up during check out from our Health Center staff in the dining hall.
    • While we do our best to care for campers as quickly as possible there are some situations that require more long term care. If a camper is in the Health Center for more than 24 hours we will ask that someone pick up your camper to recover quicker.
    • Injuries will be treated within our scope of care. Any emergencies or injuries that need further attention may require outside medical care. We will contact a parent/guardian immediately if this is the case. Depending on the situation we may go to a nearby urgent care or emergency care is right around the corner. Anne Arundel Medical Center is the hospital within 15-20 minutes of camp but the EMT’s typically arrive within 5 minutes of a phone call.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.