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There’s nothing quite like the memories of summer camp. Reminisce and reconnect with former campers, counselors and your camp experience. Whether it was magical, awkward, fun or life-changing, we hope your time at Camp Letts built strong memories. Submit them below, and we’ll share your story here on our website! Also, you can stay in touch with all of your fellow alumni and camp updates by checking out our Facebook page.

    Alumni Memories

    Going thru my parents belongings I came upon old letters I had written from camp. They were so funny now. Every letter all I did was complain and telling them how I hated it and WANTED them to come and take me home. I don't know why (adopted only child!) but I loved the place. The fishing, canoeing, tennis, capture the flag, swimming. I hadn't thought of Camp Letts in 55 years!

    Jim Schaufelberger 1959-1961, Salida, CO November 16, 2015

    I remember one year our camp director's name was Mr. Burger and my first cabin was up the hill near the first aid building. I learned about Camp Letts from attending the old YMCA at 17th & Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC where I was a member since I was 5 yrs old. Camp Letts was like graduating to YMCA heaven. I was so excited and happy once I entered the road to the camp that I would talk my parents' ears off. I knew where everything was and as soon as I received my checklist for camp in the fall, I would go find my foot locker and start packing in December for the summer. So many great experiences and So many Great friends I made; the counselors were the coolest, nicest guys around, every one of them. I truly Loved those old cabins where we put all our foot lockers in a huge rectangular square in the middle of the cabin. I always loved sleeping on the lower bunk because of the nice cool breeze at night from the water nearby. And I always strived for the green or purple tag on our first trip to the pool so I could go off the diving board and have free reign at the boathouse. I believe we had at least 8 different shortcuts thru the woods to the pool. Every second I was at Camp Letts was fun Fun and MORE FUN. I had so much fun that I forgot that we had to report to the dining hall for meals. I participated in every activity the camp offered every year. Being near the water with the fresh air & forest, I can still hear the birds chirping and the leaves as the breeze flowed thru the forest and the smell of nature. The trading post was great and the last night campfires, skits, and of course the songs. By far the best camp I ever attended ever and even better than all the basketball & football camps I attended later in junior high. I can still vividly remember all the wonderful experiences I had there. My daughter actually attended a leadership camp there when she attended Bates Middle School in Annapolis and is now a Sophmore majoring in Math, Physics, & Music in College and doing fantastic. Camp Letts is a great place for anyone of any age to learn, experience and truly enjoy. Thank you So Much Camp Letts and GOD BLESS everyone involved in continuing the fine tradition and excellence this camp truly embodies.

    Michael A. Holmes 1970-1974, Annapolis, MD October 27, 2015

    I've been going to Camp Letts for 10 years now and I can truly say that I have had too many amazing memories to just pick out one... Camp Letts is like a second home for me, the staff are a really big part of why I keep coming back. I think one of the memories that I loved the most was in 2006 when I started camp. I remember going to day camp and tryout camp for 3 years straight, then I finally felt like I was ready to do resident camp. I did resident camp for the whole summer every year since tryout camp. I made a lot of great friends like Katherine Galvin, Katie Scussel, Margaret Mina. I thank all of the counselors that kept coming back for 3 years and all my camper friends for coming back too. Thank you to all the staff that I have seen through out all these years and thanks for making each summer more memorable and fun than the last.

    Taliyah Browne 2006-2015, Crofton, MD August 28, 2015

    I have been coming to camp for 9 years and it honestly has become one of the biggest parts of my life! The staff are truly some of the most amazing people I've ever met. The diversity is crazy. I learn new customs and cultures there every time I come. Camp has really become a second home to me and it's hard to leave at the end of the summer, but I keep coming back because I know that every year will be better than the last!

    Katherine Galvin 2007-2015, Potomac, MD August 28, 2015

    I first came to Camp Letts when I was a little boy. I started out in one of the youngest cabins, around 2006ish. After my first year as a camper, I knew what I wanted to do every summer... go back to Camp Letts. I never missed a summer after my first year. I went back every year and had a blast every single time. The counselors were caring and engaging with the campers. They really cared about us (the campers) and wanted all of us to have a fun summer. I met many people (both campers and counselors) that I still keep in touch with. The thing about camp is that people build bonds with each other that last a lifetime. My final year as a camper was probably the most memorable summer ever. I was in Commodore 43 or 44. There were only 3 Commodore cabins in that session while every other crew had 3 or more cabins filled up to the brim. Well long story short, we dominated and won the Crew Cup (it's like the tri-wizard tournament in Harry Potter). Despite that being my last year as a camper, I wanted to come back. The summer of 2014, I was a C.I.T. Then I decided that I would apply to be a counselor. I applied and got hired as a part of the staff team of 2015. When I first went to camp, I had no clue that [roughly] 10 years later I would be a counselor and carry on the torch of the counselors before me. We've already been through 2 sessions this summer, and being a counselor has been much more fun than I imagined it would be. I had a dream 10 years ago that I would come back every summer; and I have. I hope to carry on the Camp Letts tradition for future generations to come. And I plan to continue working at Camp Letts every summer that I can.

    Max McKeon 2006-2015, Chevy Chase, MD July 2, 2015

    Where can I start with my experience at Camp Letts all summer 2000. Before I went I was a nervous wreck. I was 18 and had never left home for more than a few days in my entire life. Within hours of arriving my nerves disappeared. I had one of the greatest experiences of my life and everyday I miss the people I shared it with. John & Rowland (Edinburgh), Vicki (Peterhead), Craig & Andrew (Preston), Ryan, Andy, Peter, Chris & Lisa (Glasgow), Sunan (Thailand), John Dandois (USA), Amy (Chipping Norton), Mike (Delaware USA), Angela (Edinburgh) Tyler (Florida USA) Conner Conan (USA) and every other counsellor and camper I spent the summer with. I went a scared teenager and came back a confident young adult. If anyone who was there that summer reads this then please email me.

    Adam Murray 2000, Perth, UK June 24, 2015

    I attended Camp Letts two consecutive summers while I was in high school in Springfield, VA. I loved the equestrian program. Great place.

    Beth Parsons 1983-1984, Pensacola, FL June 1, 2015

    Man, this place is magic. Meeting people from all over the world and making great friends. This place holds so many memories for me. You have camp fires, s'mores, fiesta, the loud meal times. You are so beat by the end of the day, but you can't wait to wake up just to start another day.

    Naje Crawford 2005-2015, Washington, DC May 29, 2015

    I loved going to Camp Letts every summer. I would usually go during the 3rd and 4th session. Learned my love of horseback riding from there, became a horsemaster and tried waterskiing. One year, I was lucky enough to go all summer long. Lots of happy memories from there, I also cried on the way home because I never wanted to leave!!! ♡♡♡

    Nanci Murphy 1976-1985, Wrightstown, NJ May 26, 2015

    LOVED CAMP LETTS!!!!!!!! So many great memories! I cried the first time my Mom dropped me off when I was 11, but cried every year she picked me after two weeks because I didn't want to leave. The girls I met I remained friends with for many years following. We would correspond via letters and plan what sessions we would sign up for the following summer. I learned to sail and water ski. Going to camp every summer for two weeks was a wonderful part of my childhood. I'm so glad Camp Letts is still going strong. 🙂

    Allison Luersen 1981-1987, Ridgely, MD May 18, 2015

    Camp Letts was such a fun time in my life. The intense basketball games against the kitchen staff, the luau parties with the staff, the green turtle and just the mingling of various nationalities. Now being a father who remembers the fun there as a staff member, I look forward to sending my kids there.

    Quincy Allen 1997-1999, Salisbury, MD February 24, 2015

    In January 1941 from 7-10 years old, I was in St. John's Orphanage in Wash. DC located four blocks from the White House. That summer, the kids all went to a summer house located near Ft Myers, VA. WWII started in Dec. 1941 and that house was taken over by the Army at Ft. Myers so the next summer we went to the YMCA camp at Edgewater, MD. I went there the summer of 1942 -43 from the orphanage and then the summers of 44, 45, 46 after I left the orphanage. I learned to swim at the camp and eventually worked up to swimming a mile. I won a lot of awards, all felt banners with YMCA printed on them. I still have them.

    Bob Harrison 1942-1946, Dallas, TX February 10, 2015

    I've been going here for so long. Every year I have made great friends, but last year I made a best friend, Elise, we still keep in touch. We are actually texting right now. We met in the dining hall at the talent show. I want to thank Camp Letts for giving a sister not a friend.

    Elena Hayes 2013 February 10, 2015

    I am so glad Camp Letts is still operating, so may fond memories! It made me a life-long camper and likely caused me to put a fire pit on my deck – I so remember the campfires (and jellyfish in the river!).

    Erik Rasmussen 1959-1968, Mercer Island, WA October 6, 2014

    There are too many memories to even begin to say. I waited all year to spend 2 weeks at Camp Letts as a kid, and still miss those days. I made amazing friends and had the best counselors. One summer I got hand-foot-mouth disease at camp and having to leave early was the worst day of my life at the time. I was usually in the cabins right near the flag pole. Gotta say though, my least favorite part was flagpole super early in the morning! Worth it though. One of my favorite things was always coming home with corn rows haha. Contact me if you were 2nd session during these years! [email protected]

    Nina Herron 2000-2006, Arnold, MD September 4, 2014

    The very best days of my life (and I've been blessed with many) were spent at Camp Letts. I thanked my mother many times for the sacrifice she made to send me, but could never do so (even in my 50s) without choking up just a little – the camp experience was that important to me. Like Stephan Lawrence (below), I was lucky to have Ernie Cordero as my counselor (twice!) – also in cabin 43! With great fondness, I also remember a camper from my first year: George Stamoulas – and our counselor, "Pashan" – I think. I would love to hear from these people and can be reached at [email protected]

    John Black 1958–1964, Washington, DC August 25, 2014

    I worked as a swimming and drama counselor back in 1993, I think, staying in a cabin with Andrea Cashman. I worked with Susan Woytowitch from Delaware (a sailing instructor), Seonaid Raot (UK) and Simon Williams (kitchenhelp from the UK). Had a wonderful, hard-work summer, as did my sister Lisette van den Berg many years before me as a horsemaster with Mimi Dupont!

    Marije van den Berg 1993, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands June 23, 2014

    I stayed in Villiage 4, Cabin 43 for two wonderful weeks. Ernie was our Councilor. Camp Letts has expanded over the years; but, some of the opportunities that existed then are there today. We went out on boat trips and canoeing was available for those who passed the swimming test. We had rest times too. This was a period when a camper could write letters and/or "chill out." There were crafts too. Prior to leaving, we had a sing-along around a camp fire with a guitar player. What fun!! Thanks Camp Letts for 2 fun and exciting weeks.

    Stephen Lawrence 1963, Springfield, VA May 21, 2014

    I always went to the weeks for horseback riding, which I loved. I learned to sail and more. I looked forward to it every summer. I remember it fondly and am hopeful that my kids will love it as much as I did.

    Dawn Elliott 1975, Severna Park, MD April 28, 2014

    When you come to Camp Letts, there aren't just memories that you have, but you develop customs and a unique bond with Camp itself. There is that place that you love to sit during fiesta where the sun warms your back just right after a long day of activities, where you spend time just laughing with friends, or the pale skin that surrounds your wrists and ankles due to the lack of sun from so many friendship bracelets. And we all have that one counselor whom we admire and respect. Camp becomes your first home because it does take a village, but more than that. Having the huge group of people whose biggest ambition is to make campers have the best time is truly special. My favorite memory of camp is one time I was carrying a huge jug of water up to the Paintball course and was told I shouldn't 'cause I am a girl, one of my favorite counselors said "I wouldn't underestimate her." Every day I carried that huge cooler up the hill just off of principle. Another time I had a counselor steal my sketch book, just to give it back and say "No matter what anyone says, keep drawing." Now I am going to pursue arts in college. You won't have just fond memories, you will have a collection of priceless moments that will change your life. I love Camp Letts!!

    Jaimie Martin Annapolis, MD March 26, 2014

    Possibly the only Arizonan (other than my sisters) ever at Camp Letts. Mr. Butcher (Ambery) singing Grey squirrel, ski masters, sailing, flagpole (all present and accounted for), Reveille and taps, all the girls in love with Jeff Butcher. Highlight of my summers. Now my son goes there and also loves it.

    Rachel Wolfe 1976-1983, New York, NY March 22, 2014

    Growing up in Ohio, I had always gone to summer camps. When I got the opportunity to teach sailing at Camp Letts in 2005, I jumped at the chance! It was THE BEST SUMMER EVER! I have far too many great memories to share just one. Everything about the experience is memorable: rustics, camp songs, activities, surroundings, change-overs, the campers, the counselors, just everything! Still friends with people I worked with nearly 10 years ago. The time spent at Camp Letts also helped me grow as a person (cheesy I know, sorry!). Love you Letts 🙂

    Georgina Cotterill 2005, Salisbury, UK March 21, 2014

    Well I was a counselor way back in 2002, I had just turned 18 and on my first trip away from home alone. Since realizing on the bus from New York to Annapolis that two others were heading to the same place, I've never had a summer quite like it since. Living in the Rustics, late night pizza, banana boat, songs before every meal, little Johnny Appleseed! Explaining why rugby is better than American football, that soccer is football and football is girls' rugby… 😉

    The friends, the laughs, the good times and the challenging times!! 2002 is a summer I will never forget!

    Jurgen Donaldson 2002, Edinburgh, UK March 21, 2014

    Camp Letts offered me many different experiences to try: high ropes courses, sailing, canoeing lessons, banana boat rides, volleyball, soccer, swimming... By allowing us to pick what we wanted to try and switch after one week to try more, it gave us the most diverse experience of any camp I attended as a child. Getting to spend two weeks riding horses everyday was my favorite part about camp. I got to work around the barn, take lessons from experienced trainers, and try out the different disciplines in riding from English dressage and jumping to western trials. Plus, swimming with the horses by the lake was awesome! Absorbing the culture that our counselors brought with them from their home countries was a life experience I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

    Trisha Smith 2001-2003, Sparks, MD February 14, 2014