Welcome Back, Alumni!

Remember all those great times at Camp? For over 100 years, Camp Letts has offered a summer experience rich in fun, friendship, learning and adventure.  For some of you, Camp Letts was the first place where you discovered independence, where you stepped onto your first pair of water skis, or maybe it was where you had your first kiss. And for others, Camp Letts was where you found lifelong friendships, tasted incredible Maryland crab soup, soared down the zip line, or strengthened your identity and pride.

Now, as a Camp Letts Alumni – whether you spent one year or 10 years on our inlet off the Chesapeake Bay – you are part of a family that has been thriving for over a century. You will always be a part of Camp Letts and Camp will always be a part of you!

Please take a moment to complete our Alumni Surveyshare your fond memories, reconnect with us, or learn how you can support Camp.