Learn Together Through Horses

YMCA Camp Letts Equestrian Center hosts a holistic horsemanship program that runs in sessions and includes horse husbandry and centered riding for riders of all disciplines, from 6 years old to adults. Our program includes both mounted and unmounted lessons, so they are held rain or shine. All lessons are taught by certified and/or academically trained instructors.


For more information email Alejandra.Abella@ymcadc.org or call 202-763-6683.

Communication and Leadership Participation with Horses

Like humans, horses are gregarious creatures who like living in social groups. Unlike us, however, they do not have spoken language so they must rely on subtle diplomacy and body communication in order to achieve peaceful relationships and order in their cohabitation. Do humans project disapproval, conformity, happiness, aggression with one look? With one gesture? We do, and many times we don’t even realize what our bodies are communicating! Horses are attuned to our and nature’s every movement and connecting with them, we can become better leaders, better members of our group, and better humans. In this 60-minute program, participants will learn the basics of animal behavior and communication that we all share, and will be able to interact with a horse to ask him to approach or recede, or to perform different movements all based on positive communication patterns. This activity can accommodate 4 participants and an unlimited number of auditors that observe the activity and participate in questions and answers.  Please let us know if you need the session customized to any specific communication/behavior areas of interest.

Communication and Leadership Demonstration with Horses

This 60-minute program is very much like the Communication and Leadership Participation with Horses activity above, but allows groups that prefer a demonstration with limited to no hands-on participation, to witness equine communication and leadership skills and participate in questions and answers. Please let us know if you need the session customized to any specific communication/behavior areas of interest.

 Equine Encounter

Horses are sentient beings, with thoughts and feelings of their own. Riding horses is fun but it must be introduced safely in order to ensure connection and understanding, positive experiences and hopefully, a life-long love of horses! A safe equine encounter should be the foundation for any riding, even if only the for the occasional trail ride. In this 60-minute program, groups of 1 to 6 participants will be able to learn about basic equine behavior and anatomy, basic leading, basic tack and its uses, and how to safely mount, dismount and direct a horse around a ring. Auditing is also welcome for those who wish to observe and learn, but not participate in horse-handling. This program will provide a safe, positive experience that can be repeated/advanced/customized as needed depending on each group’s schedule, availability and length of stay at Camp Letts.