We Love What We Do – And It Shows!

The staff at YMCA Camp Letts live for the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the life of each camper and guest. Our executive and administrative team are the most skilled, responsible and enthusiastic bunch you’ll find. They have years of experience in leading Summer Camps, Special Events and Specialty Programs.

Andrew Mason – Executive Director
Andrew joined the Camp Letts family in May 2012 as Executive Director. As Andrew shares, “When I wear my Camp Letts shirt in town, I am always greeted with a smile. People stop me all the time to share their personal experiences!” He has been part of the Y family since 2000, and held various roles throughout the DC region. He thrives on seeing kids excel every day at Camp. “When I see kids try new things they may never have the chance to any place else, I know that I am doing my job.” Andrew’s love for camp began at the age of 5 when he started his journey through Sailing and Scouting camps. Andrew’s goal as Executive Director is “to make Camp Letts one of the premier camps on the east coast and reestablish the strength of our waterfront programs.”

Dave Boyle – Associate Executive Director
Dave joined the Camp Letts family in July 2013, after 10 years as a wilderness and adventure instructor with VisionQuest. Even after all that time, he couldn’t resist pursuing his true passion – camp. “There is something about the energy of the camp that once you have experienced it always pulls you back,” explains Dave. ”Camps create a safe environment where the campers can make mistakes and solve their own problems.” He has extensive experience and dedication to working with youth and  helping others grow. Dave believes that defining new traditions and helping Camp Letts provide excellent programs will make us the ultimate location for campers of all ages!

Hannah Jakob - Retreat Center and Alumni Relations Director
Hannah joined Camp Letts in January 2015 with a background in event planning and collegiate alumni relations.  Hannah is eager to continue building both Camp Letts’ Retreat Center and its Alumni Family. Since joining Camp she has found that there is no alumni network more loyal and more supportive than one created by a summer camp. She looks forward to reconnecting generations of alumni with Camp Letts and developing alumni-focused events and programs.

Kate Dadourian- Summer Camp Director
Kate joined Camp Letts in March 2016 after working in the camp industry for over 10 years. Since she was a young camper herself, Kate knew camp was what she wanted to do. From being a camp counselor, specialist and having a variety of leadership roles, Kate’s dream was always to be a Camp Director. This dream came true with her first role at the YMCA three years ago. Kate loves Camp Letts for many different reasons and hopes campers will gain the same appreciation that she has from many years at camp.

Keira Jarrett- Food Service Director
Keira joined the Camp Letts family in September of 2015.  She enjoys cooking for children and helping them overcome food obstacles that they once found “disgusting” or “nasty”.  Keira is eager to work with children and encourage healthy eating habits that are often overlooked.  She looks forward to campers talking to their parents about all of the delicious food that they enjoyed over the summer!

Dan Randall – Facility Engineer
Dan has been with Camp Letts for over 20 years – and he knows camp inside and out! “Seeing the transformations from campers who first arrive at camp a little unsure, to leaving with a positive attitude and wanting to come back again next year,” inspires Dan’s resourcefulness and passion every year. His commitment to Camp Letts and its continued success is evident in all he does. He loves to see the children having so much fun, and prides himself in providing a facility that enables kids to be kids and grown -ups to be kids again.

James McCune – Maintenance
Jimmy has been with Camp Letts for 14 years. Whatever needs to be done, he is always able and willing to help. Jimmy’s commitment to providing a clean camp for our guests speaks to his dedication and commitment to delivering the best experience. He loves working with a team that all have the same goals in mind, namely providing a clean, safe facility where people can learn and grow.