Our impact is only possible through the support of passionate and civic-minded leaders.

The Advisory Board at YMCA Camp Letts is comprised of skilled and resourceful individuals who are devoted to improving our camp and preserving it for generations to come. Thanks to their fundraising, guidance, connections and advocacy, we continue to be a catalyst for growth even after 110 years.

Our Advisory Board

  • BRIAN MADDEN (Chair of the Board) – Brian joined the Board in 2005 and has never looked back. As Brian shares, “It is hard to ignore the sheer beauty that engulfs every inch of YMCA Camp Letts. However, I would say it is the people (Staff & Board) who work together as a TEAM to accomplish many amazing things! Seeing the smiling faces of our campers having dinner or just playing as children with a carefree way about them makes the experience very special. This is the true beauty of Camp Letts - it allows, fosters, and encourages kids to be kids in a safe, positive family environment!”
  • MICHELLE EICHHORN - As Michelle divulges, “After sponsoring and participating in the 2009 Turkey Chase, I was impressed with the passion of the volunteers, the energy of the staff and the beauty of Camp Letts. My favorite aspect of Camp Letts is the simple, rustic setting and the amenities that allow campers to develop an appreciation for nature as well as develop skills and relationships that will carry them through their lifetime.”
  • MARCIE SUN - Marcie joined the Board in 2003 because “Camp Letts has been a part of my life since my parents brought me to Family Camp when I was very young. Volunteering throughout the year makes me feel like I can give back to the place that has given me so much. My mom has always said that when you drive in through the gates, the whole world seems to lift off your shoulders and I could not agree more. Being at Camp Letts reminds you of the best things in life… beautiful scenary, kind and caring people, and building relationships with your family and community.”