Sending a child to camp is a great leap of faith by parents. As Directors and Counselors, we take that responsibility seriously. Few environments are as unique and special as camp, and we’re dedicated to making an unforgettable experience for every camper. In a 2013 survey, we were thrilled to discover that 97% of parents would recommend us to others. We are always touched when families tell us what the Camp Letts community means to their happiness, independence and growth. Here is just a taste of some of the things parents and campers have to say!

My daughter loved the Equestrian Program @ Camp Letts. This was her first day camp and she was at first afraid. The friendly and knowledgeable counselors helped her relax and have the best week ever!!!! Thank you Camp Letts :-)

My child has been attending Camp Letts for the last 3 years and he has had a wonderful time there. I am sure that he has made memories that will last a lifetime.

Edgewater, MD

Camp Letts is a wonderful experience for children to unplug all their electronics, use their imaginations, make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy the benefits of a traditional summer camp. We also appreciate the opportunity for them to meet counselors from other countries and learn about their cultures.

My 11 year old son is on the shy side, and can be a bit nervous about trying new things. That being said, he has had an absolute blast at Camp Letts. He went for one week last year and opted to go for two this year, and he just simply loved it. He water skied both years and took sailing this year, which were both things he knew that he wanted to do. He also spent 2 weeks playing tennis, did archery and ultimate soccer, which were things he never thought about doing, but ended up enjoying a lot. He really liked his counselors, and ended up exchanging emails with at least one fo his fellow campers. In all seriousness he would love to keep going back and eventually be a camp counselor! His experience was a great deal of fun, and has really built his independence.

Lynn began riding with us when she was 10 years old.  When Lynn came, she had never ridden and was in heavy therapy along with medication for witnessing the death of her father.  The doctor and her mother had been trying unsuccessfully to find something that
would help Lynn. Lynn had always liked books about horses so her mother called and scheduled a month of riding lessons for Lynn to see how she would do.  Although Lynn was shy and a bit intimidated at first, she is now walking and trotting as well as jumping small jumps. She is thriving with the other children and attends all the barn sleepovers, camp shows and anything else we offer.  Her mother has stated that they have begun to wean Lynn off of her medications as she is doing so much better in her therapy. Her doctor states that Lynn relates her feelings through the horses she works with and that is enabling her to deal with life.  Lynn has now been riding at Camp Letts Equestrian Center for 2 years and her mother states there is nowhere else that Lynn would rather be!

Two years ago, I sent my daughter to Camp Letts. She had a great time. The next year she stayed for three weeks instead of one and begged me to let her stay another week. Next year, I think I will let her stay all summer. She always comes home with fun stories and happy memories to tell me about along with many new friends. I highly recommend Camp Letts to any families considering sending their child to camp.

Our 9 year old daughter Xena had another awesome summer (3rd year) at YMCA Camp Letts in the Equestrian day camp (3 weeks). The diverse staff and campers and challenging activities helped her make new friends, grow and helped create more fun, lasting memories. Thanks Camp Letts, you continue to ROCK!

Edgewater, MD

Camp Letts is a great overnight camp! It offers excellent opportunities for kids to try new activities or excel at their favorites, in a safe and nurturing environment. The camaraderie is heartwarming and encouraging to all. The setting is beautiful, even though it's not far from "civilization." It is also a great value -- all these great things for a really great price!

My 11 year old son had never spent the night away from home other than with his grandparents. He was quite upset when I dropped him off for the 2 week stay, and would have come right back home with me if I had let him! When I picked him up today he had a big smile on his face, was very happy and said he had an amazing time! It took quite a while to say goodbye to all his new friends. I am so proud of him for taking such a big step, and so thankful to the Camp Letts Staff for helping him develop his independence!

Both of our boys unanimously agree: Camp Letts is great! Our younger did the Try-Out camp for the first time and the older did his second year of two-week resident camp. Both boys were very happy with the different activities and events they did throughout camp. They truly never experienced a boring moment during either of their sessions. The staff and campers were very diverse, friendly and ready to help each child make the most of their time there.

Washington, DC