Let the Wind Catch Your Sails

Every great journey begins at the pier. The wind in your hair and salt on your face – there’s no feeling quite like it.

Being out on the water is the ultimate freedom, one that your child will treasure always. Not only do our sailing lessons empower young sailors, they also help build strength, strategic thinking, resilience and communication. Just 10 miles from the Sailing Capital of the World, YMCA Camp Letts offers programs for novices to sea dogs.

Intro to Sailing

Introduction to Sailing will give you your first taste of the open water. We will take you onto the water for an afternoon where you will learn from our experienced staff what makes a boat glide gracefully. Taught in small groups, this program is about having fun and building confidence on the water.

No extra cost: The cost of Introduction to Sailing is included in the registration price for Overnight and Day Camp.

Sailing 1

Ahoy Mate! Sailing 1 is an introduction to sailing that will teach you the basics and build your confidence. Experience what makes your boat glide through the water with just the wind as your motor. You will learn the parts of the boat, how to rig and de-rig, points of sail, steering, tacking and jibing. This program is all about having fun while learning a new skill.

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Sailing 2

For campers who are read to get serious about sailing, Sailing 2 is your step to becoming the next Jimmy Spithill. Our sailing instructors will guide you as you progress towards single-handed sailing in our Opti and Laser Fleets. You should have basic knowledge of rigging, boat handling and points of sail to enroll in Sailing 2. You will learn wind awareness, effects of tides and currents and the finer points of sail trim while having fun with your camp buddies.

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Sailing 3

It’s time to race! Sailing 3 is all about advanced boat handling. This level introduces jibsail handling on our new Catalina Capris. You and your crew will be introduced to racing tactics, starts, mark rounding, rules of racing and much more. You will spend 95% of your time on the water refining your skills and preparing for the Sailing 3 Camp Regatta. That’s right, we are introducing our own racing series where you can compete for the Director’s Cup! Sailing 3 takes place in the afternoons from 2:30-5:45pm. Campers will not be able to participate in electives and cabin activities throughout the week, but will choose different morning activities.

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