Your Week at Camp Letts

At Camp Letts, kids become a community as they learn both how to be more independent and collaborative while engaging in physical, social and educational activities. The building blocks are always the same, but we take pride in the fact that every week with us is different.

On check-in day, campers will set up their bunk, then the counselors will give them a tour of camp, a swim evaluation, and introduce them to their cabinmates for the week. Activities selected during the Sunday activity fair include almost all camp activities (with the exception of paid add-on programs) and campers will choose what they want to participate in for the week. Cabins are divided into boys and girls by age; campers will then be separated into Crews. They will enjoy each meal with their Crew, and can gain points for outstanding behavior and actions through the week – all to win the coveted Crew Cup!

You can find our Spirit Days Calendar here!

Here’s a Look at the Schedule:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:45am Flagpole – where the entire camp comes together before a meal
8:00am Breakfast – our meals are key to providing energy for the day’s activities
9:00am First Activity Period – campers will participate in the activities chosen during Sunday’s activity fair
10:00am Second Activity Period – activities range from archery, soccer, swimming, canoeing, arts & crafts, creative writing, sailing and much more!
11:00am Third Activity Period – morning activities will progress throughout the week
12:30pm Lunch – after a morning full of fun, everyone meets again for a well-deserved meal
1:30pm Check-In Siesta – campers play games in the cabin, write letters home or take a few minutes to nap Ice Cream Social
2:30pm Check-In Elective Activity Period – campers will participate in the electives chosen during the activity fair on Sunday. Each day is a different activity. Cabin Games & Clean-Up
3:30pm Swim Eval. & Tours Cabin/Crew Activity One – from zip lining to sea sledding, cabin activities are a great way to spend time together as a cabin Cabin Clean-Up & Awards Ceremony
4:30pm Swim Eval. & Tours Cabin/Crew Activity Two – campers and counselors will work together to determine activities for the week Pick-Up from 4-6pm
5:45pm Flagpole – a great time to see everyone singing and being grateful
6:00pm Dinner – campers enjoy meals and an evening challenge such as no-hands cake or crew skipper curling
7:00pm Activity Fair Fiesta – a chance for campers to have some freedom and relax with friends or participate in some sports with new friends
8:00pm Opening Campfire! Evening Program – different every night, the evening activities are fast-paced and fun Evening Program & Closing Ceremony
9:00pm Cabin Chats & Showers
10:00pm Lights Out